When you watch a movie with your kids

You do not have to overly respond to the feelings of children who are very anxious, afraid or sad after seeing a movie, news or a sad story. The following tips you can practice to help the child. In the meantime, you can also visit juaramovie.com to watch movies online.

Respond rightly to the child’s fear or sadness. No need to make fun of or exaggerate his fear because it can make him embarrassed. Hug the child or pat his shoulders as a sign that you understand his fear or sadness.

Give the child a chance to express his feelings of sadness and fear. This will make the child feel you can accept his negative feelings, not just positive feelings like happy moments. For example, “What makes you sad after hearing your story?” Or, “What makes you afraid after watching the movie?”

Accompany children while watching movies and news. Thus you can give a direct explanation that the film was made by people and not true. Answer the child’s question logically, not scare or dramatize. If you watch the news of the disaster, turn the child’s attention to the helpers of the victim so that the child is relieved that someone is helping. This method can also develop the empathy of the child to the environment.