Land Transportation Factor In South Tangerang

Available Trans Jakarta Buses departing from several pool buses in South Tangerang with Jakarta route is very helpful for the people of South Tangerang users of convenient and clean public transport services with a very cheap ticket price of only Rp 3.500, – (three thousand five hundred rupiahs) has reached Jakarta aka Capital City. Commuter line available is clean and on time so if traveling to Jakarta do not have to bring a personal vehicle. This commuter line ride is very convenient, especially if the passengers are not crowded, with a short travel time, do not make fatigue to feel the congestion on the road. In a city that is doing a great job of development, you can see the track record at

There are still many public transportations that can help the people of South Tangerang to travel to anywhere, such as motorcycle taxis online. This is the cause of South Tangerang City increasingly in demand as residences of residents from other areas, reach to the near capital city. The government is very concerned about the future of the nation’s children with the spirit of building school buildings and renovating it, starting from elementary to high school level. The State’s First Minimum School has 21 schools. While the number of Senior High School about 12 schools along with some winning schools ever and often get national awards and become champions in the contest cities, provinces, and at the national level.