Several Public Facilities That Should Be Provided To You!

The comfort of a city can be seen from the public facilities it has. The more and the better the facilities, the more comfortable the city will be. With adequate facilities, people will be more comfortable in the move. Adequate facilities will certainly make more comfortable for tourists to visit. And in the end, will increase the number of tourists who visit the city. Therefore the following are some common facilities that should be around you!

The more trash can, the easier it is to throw away the garbage. The least amount of bins is directly proportional to the amount of waste that is thrown away at random. The government should have provided a lot of garbage dumps in every corner of the city. Better if the existing trash can be distinguished by the type of waste that is discarded, organic and inorganic.

Cell phone charging station
To support the increasingly crowded human activity, then the smartphone is the best friend to help simplify the work of everyone. Therefore, it takes cell phone charging station in every public place to facilitate public charging battery on the smartphone. In addition to public places, cell phone charging smartphones is also provided at an event or festival. Well if you are currently planning to hold an event then it would be better if you provide cell phone charging station for the convenience of visitors. You can directly visit the veloxity website at for detailed information about phone charging station rentals for events.

Special bicycle parking
To support a pollution-free city, one of them is by increasing bicycle facilities. It could be starting from the bike path to the place to park the bike. With all of the facilities for bicycles, therefore it will make it easier for those who choose to use bicycles for their daily activities. If people prefer to use a bicycle, this will reduce the pollution caused by motor vehicles.