My iPhone Screen is Broken

In the usage of gadgets sometimes we are careless with the condition around, as a result, we can not prevent our hands. For example, when you get off the vehicle and you just dropped your phone. Usually, this incident will cause a damage that could trigger a rift on your iPhone screen, for those of you who act as a new iPhone user, surely the first reaction is to panic. The cracked screen is the curse of the iPhone owner’s existence – and unfortunately, it is something that seems to be more common on many iPhone 4 / 4S with glass material. Your first choice is at Apple local store to see if they can fix it. In some cases they can fix the screen while you wait – and depending on the cause of the damage, the warranty may include the service. Keep in mind, though, that Apple does not cover accidental damage or misuse, companies that claim to cause crack screens. You may have to pay for the repairs. Or, you can try fixing your own screen, if you dare. Look for “replace iPhone screen,” and you will find many options. Or if Apple repair center is too far away from where you live, you can come to us, because we provide the best iphone 8 plus screen repair service for you.

Another common problem faced is my iPhone home Button Not Working. The iPhone Home button is required to reboot or reset the phone, both of which are quick and easy fixes for iPhone problems. But what do you do when your iPhone Home button does not work? Two general advice is to update your iOS software or to restore your iPhone via iTunes. If you restore, select the option to set the device as a new iPhone, so you do not restore the problematic settings to the phone. (And be sure to sync it first) This fix can overcome the software annoyance that may cause your problem, but problems with the Home button could just possibly be the result of a hardware problem. If you suspect that the hardware is the culprit, and your phone is still under warranty (or if you do not mind paying for repairs), take a trip to the Apple store, where they can help you determine the cause of the problem.

If you are very challenging, you can try to unpack your iPhone and install the new Home button itself. Your iPhone may also need a new connector for the Home button. You can find people who sell buttons and cable online, but of course, the warranty can be lost. There is another way to tighten the position of the Home button we are not responsible for any further damage. Attach the USB cable to your iPhone. Then, gently press slowly to remember, do not be loud on the 30-pin connector, push it behind the home button. While you press up, click the home button. Disconnect the cable, and see if it solves the problem.