The specified temperature will be maintained

After you complete the work schedule set up, the thermostat will ask you to set the same settings four times for the weekend: get up, go, go home, and sleep. Just like any other setting, keep the set or program buttons to switch to the advanced menu, and keep the arrows to adjust the time and temperature. The set temperature will be maintained until the wake time and temperature has been set for the following morning and if you can repeat this process for the weekend. By using technology from us which you can use it even while walking around and connect it with your tablet device then you do not have to worry about the condition of your house and the temperature of the room in it.

Press the run button to start. Depending on your thermostat model, after you tap sets or programs on weekend sleep settings, you may return to the time, current day, and temperature and the thermostat will start happening the schedule. Other types may have a run key that should be pressed to start the schedule. To maintain a certain temperature, you can use the up and down arrows manually to replace the programmed schedule, then press hold to maintain the temperature. If you want the system to re-run based on schedule, you can just press run to start it.