Syndrome in Fairy Tales was True!

Who does not know Disney? Various Disney characters are favored by small children to adulthood. It turns out that behind the Disney characters are identical with fun characters, nevertheless, there are some Disney characters whose names are used for some psychological syndrome.

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Therefore, here are following kind of syndrome that is inspired by Disney characters:

Cinderella Complex
This psychological disorder is shown by women who have an emotional dependence on men who end up benefiting materially. Psychiatric disorders this one can be dangerous because usually the woman will do all the way including using a partner, male friends, even his brother as well.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
Apparently, this sleeping princes’ story is a rare nerve disorder condition that causes a person to easily fall asleep. Sleeping girl syndrome can cause the most profound drowsiness that the patient feels so that if she sleeps, she can spend a long time, overnight, all day, or even for days.

Rapunzel Syndrome
Behind the beautiful long hair, Rapunzel also raised the name of a syndrome. This disorder is very contrary to the beauty that you imagine. In fact, can make you shocked and disgusted because it is quite strange. This syndrome is dubbed for those who like to eat their own hair in the long term so that it certainly can harm the intestine and the patient’s body.

Bambi Complex Syndrome
Besides the names of Disney princesses taken, the name of the cute deer is also taken. In the medical world, Bambi’s name is used to name a patient-indicated syndrome usually has an over-sentiment of life, nature or even wild animals.

Peterpan Syndrome
This fictional character is used to indicate childbirth syndrome and is reluctant to take responsibility for what it does, even though she is an adult. Like Peter, people who get this syndrome reject the fact that he has grown into a responsible adult.

Wendy’s Dilemma
From childhood, usually, girls with Wendy’s Dilemma tend to pay more attention to their friends, show a possessive nature to friends, and enjoy interfering in friends’ issues with the purpose of helping. Like a mother who cares for her child. It will be a danger when he grows up and becomes a mother, and then she may be too possessive of the child. She will continue to see her son as a child who needs to be arranged. Over time if the child is old and does not want to be regulated, then the mother can be stressful and lead to depression.