Applications That Cause Your Mobile Phone Batteries Wasteful

Unlike the featured phone that can only be used SMS and phone, the smartphone is supported by many applications that pamper its users. That’s why many people are addicted to smartphones. But, what happens if there are applications that are troublesome? Like applications that make batteries wasteful, applications that make the quota wasteful, and the memory quickly run out. Who would not be annoyed if only just recharged the battery and it runs out just like that? For you who need a tool that can charge several phones, you can visit our website and get cell phone charging lockers.

Here are some of the apps that are the cause of wasteful battery:

– Facebook
This 12-year-old social media app has topped the list of the most wasteful battery apps, quota, and memory on Android smartphones! So if you’re active on Facebook, it’s natural that your battery and quota runs out quickly.

You could say is the result of a combination of Vine, Snapchat, and Dubsmash. With this app, you can record and share a 15-second video of your favorite songs. Most use lip sync. With all the features it carries, it is natural that this application so wasteful quota and battery.

– Google Maps
So a favorite smartphone user navigation app, Google Maps that can store location history and download offline maps is indeed extravagant memory. Keep up with frequent online navigation for real-time information, wasteful quota and battery too.

– Whatscall
Just like Skype, WhatsCall can you use to make calls for free to other numbers or to fellow users WhatsCall. Uniquely WhatsCall lets you get free credits by inviting friends or viewing ads. But, sure you want to use this application if you already know wasteful battery and quota? Mending Skype only.

– Blackberry Messenger (BBM)
PIN-based chat application from BlackBerry it does have a fairly large user base in the world. But with the increasing number of features embedded in BBM, making this application more weight, wasteful quota, and make the battery run out quickly.