Heaven On Earth

The success of Starbucks coffee shop is a separate phenomenon. Previously, it was unimaginable how a coffee shop that sells its coffee price with expensive can become a global business that eventually legend and have network outlets around the world. Of course, the success of Starbucks is not just a mere coincidence but is supported by some of the principles of a proven and successful strategy. This place makes you very comfortable to enjoy coffee and some people will fill this place even at the time when the first Subway Opening Hours is at 5 am and 8 am. The best part is the Starbucks breakfast menu is available all day, so as long as you’re in the opening and closing, breakfast food can be enjoyed!

Starbucks is a tremendous success because it takes advantage of an unprecedented concept in America that is a coffee shop as a gathering place. It is not just a place to get a cup of coffee but has become a center of socialization and intellectual discussion, especially among students and young urban professionals. Starbucks opened its first store at Seattle’s Market Place Pike in 1971. The company started small, but even from the beginning it always had great ambitions. From its humble beginnings, the company currently has about 40 percent of the premium coffee market.