How to Make Color Gradation with Crayon?

Color gradation is a blend of 2 pieces of color or more that is poured on a similar object such as fruits so that the colors look together and aligned even though the transition level between the color of one with other colors clearly visible.

Children need to learn color gradation technique because by using the technique of gradient, the color in the picture will look more alive and more interesting addition of its application is not too difficult because basically there are only 2 pieces of technique in the color gradation. Well, to simplify you in teaching draw for kids and coloring for kids then it would be better if you teach it through video tutorial on YouTube. Apart from that, here are some tips on making color gradations with crayons!

Technique gradation of dark color to light color
How to make a dark gradation of color to light using the crayon is to carve the first crayon with the darker color on the field of objects that want to be colored then torehkan crayon with lighter colors override darker colors.

To smooth the color especially on the color javelength, use a crayon with a lighter color, slowly apply so that the color gradation can blend perfectly and look more natural.

Technique gradation of light color to dark color
This technique is the opposite of the first gradation technique. Torehkan first lighter color on the object of the image you want to be colored new then on top of the crayon swadded with a darker color. Light gradation techniques to dark colors are often used to create embossing effects on images.

Try to use both techniques how to make color gradation with this crayon on some coloring drawing that you can get free here to be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of each technique so that when following the picture coloring contest, your child no doubt in choosing colors and gradation techniques that you want to wear.