Kind of Pet Lizard!

The lizard is a four-legged scaly animal belonging to a group of reptiles. Although lizards are including reptile animals you can still make lizards as pets at home. Lizard food can also be easily found in the petguidepro. But beforehand it would be better if you know what kind of lizard you can keep. Here’s the review!

This is a nocturnal animal originally from Pakistan, India, and Iran. Leopard Gecko is now a popular pet because it is relatively easy to maintain.

This lizard is usually called Lizard Argentina. He was able to reach a length of 1.2 meters. Many say that this lizard is a lizard that is safely maintained because it is calm and does not bite. Even so, you should always be vigilant when deciding to keep it, because after all this lizard remains a wild animal that needs surveillance.

Or he is also known as the Bearded Dragon. This lizard comes from Australia. Currently, the bearded dragon is a popular pet in the world. It is because it is easy to care for beginners. Eating is not difficult because it includes omnivore.