Health Tips That You Must Try

Eating vegetables and fruits is very important for health. Unfortunately, people have not fully understood the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables. This is seen from the records of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2013 which shows the consumption of vegetables only as much as 40.35 kg/capita / year, while the consumption of fruit about 34.55 kg/capita / year. This figure is very low when compared with the recommendation of the Food and Agriculture Organization ie the consumption of vegetables ideally 91.25 kg/capita / year and fruit 73 kg/capita / year. Another fact of Basic Health Research 2013 shows that the trend of non-communicable diseases as a cause of death is increasing from 49.9% (in 2001) to 59.5% (in 2007). Non-infectious diseases include hypertension (25.8%), obesity (15.4%), stroke (12.1 ‰), diabetes mellitus (6.9%), coronary heart disease (1.5%), and chronic renal failure (0.2%). Looking at these facts, it is definitely not contagious diseases caused by people less fruit. It is important for you to keep your immune system to improve your health. One of them is to consume the best health supplement such as

Food is so very main how to educate people to buy healthy food, so as not to be persuaded food ads processed with a long time. Because food is processed with the longer the more no benefit. We must change the mindset does not need to be full but healthy, because many people think that important is good and full. What you eat will be what will be obtained for health. With this, the life expectancy rate rises, and longevity expectations can remain beneficial to society. Do not in the old days just sick and make the family difficult.