Get Your Explosive Jumping!

Folker system vert shock offers you the fast way to improve your jumping height only in eight weeks. Folker system vert shock is the solution for every people that dream to jump higher in their life. This program had been certified by NCSA and proven as the best program with low risk of injury and safe for all age range.

Folker system vert shock program aims on the training and developing nervous system especially twitch muscles which have a direct connection to the jumping height ability. Strengthening and optimizing the muscle will optimize your ability to jump at your maximum capability. The exercises offered not only increase your jump height but also boost your overall stamina. Good stamina will affect your jump ability, more good your stamina the more you can perform your high jump. Folker system vert shock program including three phase in it. It has different level, different purpose and different training time period each phase. The first phase called pre-shock phase is week training period aiming to prepare the body and muscle for the intensive training in the next phase. In this phase you can also see your jumping height increase 3 up to 5 inches. Next is shock phase. It is required six weeks to complete and have extensive workouts during the session. This phase aim to activate and strengthening your fast twitch muscles fibers which directly connected to the explosive movement. In this phase you will do several workouts including calisthenics, sprinting, plyometrics and other exercise suggested to train your twitch muscle. Last phase is post-shock phase, occurs in week and aim for cement the training as memory muscle. In this phase you can see your jump height increase 9 up to 15 inches higher than your usual jump. After that, you need to maintain your jump ability by doing a workout at least once per week which includes three workout program suggested. In total eight weeks you can already get your explosive jump! Impressive!